From the Pastor’s Desk- August 6, 2017

I cannot think of a team sport that does not require boundaries. Baseball has a foul-line; football has sidelines and goal lines; tennis, soccer, basketball, etc. Success and victory are impossible without staying in bounds. 

When we trusted Jesus as Savior and Lord, He introduced us to the life of liberty and not legalism. Our salvation is not earned (impossible) or kept by our ability to follow rules. Christ set us free from the penalty of the law and gives us a life of grace. However, our salvation is not a license to sin. 

Christians are known by the fruit they bear. We continue to battle temptation and sin while living on this earth. Our lives should be growing to be more like Christ. 

God’s Word contains principles for us to live the Christian life. Those serve as boundaries for us to live a life that reflects Christ. Honesty, integrity, morality, not stealing, a humble spirit, speech that edifies others, etc. are blueprints in scripture for us to pattern our behavior. I hope the “Staying in Bounds” series will encourage you to live for Christ. Your witness for Christ will be strengthened by staying in His boundaries. 

Your Pastor, 
Philip May