On My Heart – August 2017

Thank you for your participation in all the ministries and missions opportunities during the summer of 2017. You touched lives from Rome, Georgia to Virginia, as well as Peru and the Ukraine. Many of you invest vacation time every year to join our teams who share the gospel and meet the needs of people. I appreciate your sacrificial commitments to serve in the name of Christ.

As we begin a new church year, I encourage you to invite your friends and co-workers to PVS. Many of them are unsaved, and you have the privilege to lead them to Christ. Enlist prospects in your Bible Study Class. We have excellent teachers prepared every week to share from God’s Word. Your Bible Study Class provides not only discipleship, but also a place to develop relationships.

Be sure your class sets a goal for the number of prospects you hope to reach for Christ in 2017-18.  

Your Pastor,Phil-signature