On My Heart – October 2017

The latest research I’ve read on the subject of “why people join a church” will surprise you. Nine percent join because of the preaching, 18% join for the music, and 68% join because they have friends or family in that church. 

This month, we have great events planned for you to invite your friends to Pleasant Valley South. 

Len Turner will be preaching at Pleasant Valley South on October 15 at the 10:30 a.m. service. He has been our guest several times in the past. He is a powerful preacher of God’s Word. This will be his final time to be with us because of his retirement in the near future. You have also enjoyed his books and sermon CD’s. Plan to be present for a wonderful worship experience with Len! 

On Sunday, October 22, we will have our annual church picnic. I hear our members say, “We don’t get together enough for fellowship”. Here is your opportunity. 

On Sunday, October 29, we will have Trunk or Treat. We have changed this event to Sundays or Wednesdays because on those 2 days, we may enroll more workers. Last year, we tested this method and it was successful. 

Your Pastor,Phil-signature